hier verstreutes, das de temps en temps aktualisiert wird.


i promised -english-. i dont really like that language. you? aber was redich da. youre in a book, are you? you managed to get here? how possible…

here is nothing. you dont have to look further. there will come no joke. really. i mean it. dont believe? schaisze…

okay. one. i have one joke. goes like this: a man is popping pebbles off a balcony, probably berlin, hes bored and stochert im blumenkasten achso in english

mouse over lexikon, stochern=poke

also he pokes his fingers through the boxes of plants on the balcony and is so bored that he kicks with fingers one pebble after the other out of the balkonkästen.

okay, when hes finished, he opens a bottle of very probable jubi, klemms himself behind his pc which is probable not a mac and masturbates.

hes going to work the next day, and the day after and so on for a week. nixahnend sitzt er wieder eines tages achso english sits he again one day before the pc beauties,and the bell rings. hastily he stuffs his trousers and opens the door.

and say what? a snail stands in front of him (looking down on it..), saying circa:

  • wat warn dit ehm?

sorry you dont get the joke if you not understand this. (den witz hat k. krömer von meinem bruder geklaut. oder umgekehrt…)

hä? kann jetz mal einer lachen? oh i see, all serious…